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Wellness Exams

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Wellness exams are crucial to your pet's continued good health.  On average a pet ages 7 times faster than humans, therefore, we recommend a comprehensive physical exam yearly for patients under 7 and twice yearly for patients 7 and older.  We schedule ample time for your appointment to ensure that Dr. Wilson can go over his findings and answer any questions you may have.

It may also be recommended at the time of the visit that your pet may need screening tests ran for early diagnosis of age associated or life style related diseases.  Older pets just like their human counterparts can have yearly blood screens ran to look for early changes to the health of their heart, liver and kidneys.  If early problems can be found then there may be several options for a much longer and healthier life.  Other tests such as parasite screens (via blood or feces) can be ran to determine if you pet may be harboring unwanted hitch-hikers, which can generally be removed with at home treatments.

If you have any questions about age or enviroment  related diseases, feel free to ask Dr. Wilson what he would recommend for your pets special circumstances.


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  • "Dear Dr. Cade and Staff, Your service and dedication to Chewy was outstanding! I would (and have) highly recommended your service to others. The kindness, compassion and actual concern for our furry family members is always genuine. Your compassion helped me endure the challenge or raising an epileptic dog and when the time came to end his suffering, you were right there to support Charles and I."
    Carla Hudson RRT, RCP Ardmore, OK

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